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  1. Cant do more than 5... I cant sit still that long...
  2. Devilex

    Clannad After Story : Overrated?

    No! Wish there were more animes like Clannad.
  3. Devilex

    What is ur most watched anime?

    DBZ watched it 6 times on German, 2 times on English and once subbed. Could watch it again
  4. Devilex

    Thoughts on "Romance" Anime

    I like all kind of romance anime as long as they have a good plot. Btw you should read the Ranma 1/2 manga if you want to see a better ending.
  5. Devilex

    When you download Anime?

    I go for 720p or higher, and dual audio if possible because I prefer dubs but if they suck I can just switch.
  6. Devilex

    Good Versus Evil [Part 2]

    -2 = 700 Evil to some is always good to others
  7. Devilex

    What's your cell phone?

    HTC One S
  8. School Rumble, GTO, Full Metal Panic, FLCL, Lucky Star, Minami-ke, Ranma 1/2...
  9. Devilex

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-Quests

    Sneak behind the house till you see the argonian put meat near the hole on the wall, then you just have to talk to her and the rest is easy.
  10. Watched 4603 episodes and spent 76 days on watching anime
  11. Welcome back! It's good to see Kametsu up and running again!
  12. Devilex

    Release Date For Steins;Gate Dubbed??

    Funimation licensed it but I don't think its going to be dubbed any time soon. I just finished watching the sub version and its great, one of the best animes I watched so far.
  13. Am I the only one who plays an orc? Orc + 2hander + heavy armor
  14. Devilex

    Awsome Vampire Anime?

    Vampire animes I like are Blood+, Hellsing Ultimate and Trinity Blood but they don't have much romance elements, if you like romance + vampires you should check out Karin or Rosario + Vampire.