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  1. Leica

    Post Landmark Thread

    Mine is 35 I guess it'll grow gradually.
  2. Leica

    Select your birthdate & complete the sentence

    I shot a goat because I was drunk.
  3. Leica

    Death By

    Death by horrifying Bear gylls TV show.
  4. Leica

    Person who posts after you game.

    No I don't watch them anymore. When you were a kid you always thought Dragons were real.
  5. Leica

    Count till 10,000 with your birthday.

    Mine is 10th Jan so 42+10=52
  6. Leica

    Best antivirus software for PC?

    My bro says no antivirus is perfect, be it Kaspersky, McAfee or Norton. He's seen many cases where PC is attacked even with Antivirus protection installed btw my bro doesn't have any antivirus installed, hes only got COMODO firewall and hes been using his Windows XP computer this way for 5 yrs without any virus attack.
  7. Leica

    Anime: Who is your Favorite Bad Guy??

    My favorite is Bad "girl" if it counts, I like Lust from FMA she can kick everybody's butt
  8. Leica

    Count to 100,000

    Next is 6823 I guess
  9. Leica

    Count to 69!

    I don't like much of counting games but still. 2
  10. My least favorite has to be Naruto himself. He's extremely irritating. He's always talking about being good and bullshit.
  11. Leica

    Who is sexiest cameo character in Anime?

    If you consider Cameo characters there are many of them that come in my mind. But I like Paninya from Full Metal Alchemist the most shes kinda cute. Don't remember which episode did she appear in but shes the one who has both her legs and one arm as automail.
  12. Leica

    What's your favorite Hairdo?

    I like Kurenai sensei's hairdo, it seems pretty practical to me I'd want to have one like that.
  13. Leica

    Favorite Cartoon Show

    I used to watch Mickey and Friends when I was young and I also liked the show called Recess by Disney. Didn't get to see much of Warner Bros. cartoons as they were not telecast in our country.
  14. Leica

    What is your favorite anime soundtrack ??

    Naruto, Death Note and Inuyasha has the most awesome soundtracks I've ever heard.