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  1. Awanichi

    Favorite Anime

    well, among my 700 collections....my favorite ones in Baka To Test, Arakawa under the bridge, and Hayate no gotoku
  2. Maybe around 5000.. well as for me, it's kinda hard to live without watching 5 episodes per day
  3. Awanichi

    Anime To Watch When You Are Bored

    well, some light-story anime is the best when you are boring. as for me, i like anime with genre slice of life and parody to kill the time. if i can reccomend you one, hayate no gotoku will be a god stress-reliever
  4. I think Anime Series best with 24 episodes or less. it just my personal opinion, but watching some animes with SUUUUPER long episodes (Like You-Know-What) is very boring
  5. Awanichi

    Why Do You Download Anime?

    i download anime because in my country it's hard to find the legal one.. and another reason is for deciding which anime for the season i want to follow
  6. Awanichi

    Favorite RPG?

    I Like Persona too, the most thing i like in Persona is when you raise social link with your partner and the complicated route you have to do in order to find the "True" boss