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  1. splinter cell would seem to be a good choice to make an anime out of. it has a good story and you could flesh out some of the other characters that are in the periphery of the story.
  2. ive been currently reading pluto, the manga that was done in conjunction with Tezuka Productions and its got me thinking about reading more manga that have that same kind of story and art, can any one help me please?
  3. is it sad that i don't have a fucking clue lol:dhh:
  4. thanks for the recommedndations l4ugh. i actually own appleseed ex machina.
  5. im looking for a wallpaper for my computer that has the bleach character Kisuke Urahara in it. He is one of my favorite characters. i would do it my self but i do not have the means to do so. if some one could make me one that would be most appreciated.
  6. Last Book Read: Black Creek Crossing By John Saul Currently Reading: Ghost Story By Jim Butcher Next Book: After i finish Ghost Story ill probably finish Academ's Fury.
  7. i just got done watching Deadman Wonderland. I am now looking for anime similar to it, but I am not limiting myself to anime like that, any supernatural thriller kind of anime. Looking forward to the recommendations.
  8. yeah i have watched the hack series, and ive started soul eater but havent completed it.
  9. i started ergo proxy, haven't finished it yet. i will prob start watching last exile sooner or later. i will also read your reviews. thanks for the reply.
  10. I gotta go with the black order, just because I like the way they fight and the characters that are within the black order.
  11. when im bored i could watch flcl because its so fucking random. or maybe durarara because thats an anime that you cannot be bored watching.
  12. Steve Blum for Spike, etc. Crispin Freeman for Alucard, etc. Yuri Lowenthal for Haseo, and others I can't think of.
  13. and yeah i have checked out the hellsing ovas. im not that big on subs but i will check out the anime you mentioned.
  14. ive been racking my brain for anime to download and/or watch and cant really think of anything. I'm looking for stuff like Full Metal Panic, FMA Brotherhood, and stuff like GITS. Any help would be much appreciated.
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