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  1. Very nice Guide....I do my own very much the same way.!
  2. seems like everyone and their uncle is getting their own streaming service,,I can see why the big D would want their own ,,they want a sizeable chunk of that money too..... but in all honesty...I could care less ,,it wont be carried where I live ..in fact over 99% of streaming services are not carried here very simply put it's not America ..so you can't have it .....okay-okay ...that is the truth,, but it does all boil down to licencing,, which where I live (canada) is not often included in the "American regions.and continental north America contracts"... but to be very fair neither is Alaska nor Hawaii ..I will wish them "best of luck" as I do to them all ...
  3. Neko-fish

    Don't share links outside Kametsu

    I just popped on here ,,been awhile and noticed this thread.... I've always if feeling the need to re-share something ,,downloaded to my own computer then re-uploaded to my own host,,eg:: create my own link to re-share.. this for for the respect of the original uploader ,,plus I ask if I can re-share .... .....many folks just seem to have very bad manners now-a-days and that is a sad event,,,I wonder if they realize how much damage they can and are doing ????
  4. this is great news ....I'll be more than happy to wait for these to be dubbed ....I bought the first lot..so I'll get this lot also..
  5. I find here is more than secure enough...you're not a banking place...so your fine ...yeah ..people need to use different passwords for each site/forum they join,,,,it really IS important.. and like Catar has said don't leave them laying about ,,put them on a pen drive off machine is good,,if you really need them written down please store those in a safe place away from your machine.... @Koby and sad as this is to say I do not own a smart phone or even a bargain off brand cell phone .. I use my comp to work on not to flutter around the net,,so I have a desktop model,but added securities for those who do have the smart phones and such is nice...as most know WiFi IS never really secure remember that ..
  6. thanks a bunch !....I'm using Tor ..I'll see how regular fire will behave ... Edit :: you were spot on ....it was a misbehaving browser ..fine in firefox !...
  7. guys ..I keep tying anidex....but the page is blank where you can get the magnet links ..is that one of the troubles there having ???? it was there ..then it went blank ..did I do something wrong?
  8. just curious ...do you still need dvd iso or folder rips of the older anime series ...??

    before I became  ..politely put ...moneyless ...I did acquire a huge collection both R1 and "Sushie" 

    I could do something on mega for you to grab and then delete .... note  on my list it is says "eng dub" means a sushie set 

    my list HERE

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. YukinoAi


      Sounds great :) Let me know.

    3. Koby


      Thanks for the offer, but currently my backlog is overwhelming as is, and I have most of the sources for it that I'd need. The only thing on the top of my head that I'd really like to get ahold of is the long lost forgotten rare impossible to find Australian DVDs of the Zoids Fuzors English dub. Literally the only thing I could find of them on the internet is an old xvid.avi overly compressed encode from more than 10 years ago. I couldn't even find a place to buy the dvds at. O.o

    4. Neko-fish


      thanks Koby ...I'll fix up the for the other person ....keep a copy of that list on the off chance you'll be wanting something....

      I,myself am looking for all of Hetalia either as iso or dvd folder ... so if you find some let me know if possible....or ..hint-hint ..icould be a future project here ..maybe ...XD

  9. I prefer both file hosts and torrents/magnet links ...irc XXDC ..well ...my dyslexic nature gets to be a really big problem ...and because of that I wouldn't want to type something and kill the channel(s) by accident ... *blush*
  10. do you think anime trackers/sites will be moving into the "deep net" in the future??? ..I know it is a bit off the topic ....
  11. Neko-fish

    Attention: Hotmail users

    I receive the email notices fine ...I use hotmail I've always have gotten the notices for threads I've replied to..
  12. Hi Pika.....

    I was wondering where your post went with all your work on it the one that listed all of the series you had of finished/ongoing series ...the one with all your links???


    has the newer updated forums removed it...or is it by choice you yourself took it down ....?


    only wondering mind you ...I kinda binge DL your torrents,,but had missed out these last couple of months so wanted to see all at once just what I missed...you do a great job on the series you choose to do..thank-you for that!

    1. Pikanet128


      its in need of fixing and updating though

    2. Neko-fish


      thank-you so much for the very fast reply,...and no worries on it not fully update to the current time,,,I'm very very patient....


      I did hear about the funi site redoing the layout...as far as I know the way the video is on the pages will not be changed ...but that of course is always an unsure thing,,here's hoping for your sake that part stays the same  and it will just look better and be easier to actually view or search for what your following


      take care and once again thanks...

  13. Neko-fish

    We've Upgraded to IPS 4.1

    just letting you know most of the links in the indexs(did a quick peek) are broken ....as are many for pages ....I believe you have a large task to tweaking the coding....hope it goes smoothly for you my avatar IS working ..lol ...squished but as you can see displaying ..lol (it's short like me in RL ..XD) do find the default a bit hard to read ..but hey ...at least it is there to read... looking forward to seeing here all back to normal...and thanks in advance for all the work that goes into making this place awesome!
  14. I got my version from bakabt which is h.264 and .mkv. https://bakabt.me/torrent/130014/kidou-senshi-gundam-0080-pocket-no-naka-no-sensou-mobile-suit-gundam-0080-war-in-the-pocket-a4e So which would you keep? why not keep both that's what I did....seeing as the amount of space for a4e takes and bluedragon ....I just choose them both...plus always back up to dvd data/storage disc ....hard drives fail sooner or later don't loose an awesome collection to not backing up..
  15. Neko-fish

    Migrating from CW

    Hello and welcome Hunter ....I'm very very sure you'll enjoy any and all time spent here things are a tad different ,,,but in next to no time you'll be zooming all over the place... so take off your shoes ....kick-back and relax!!