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  1. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    watched Ironman last night
  2. Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I'm currently only reading the Naruto manga.
  3. Yeah, too bad Kakashi had to die. Don't worry, the real pain revives Kakashi later when he meets Naruto.
  4. Favorite Sport

    Football(american) and Basketball
  5. What are your Top 5 or 10 Favorite English Dubs?

    1. Yuyu Hakusho 2. Fullmetal Alchemist 3. Naruto 4. Inuyasha 5. One Piece
  6. Fav Manga?anime Character

    My favorite characters are Sasuke and Shikamaru from Naruto/Shippuuden
  7. I was sad when Jiraiya and Hughes died.
  8. Latest Naruto Manga Discussion [Spoiler]

    My favorite Character right now is Kakashi.
  9. thanx for the info onm naruto but still airs in may wont help me cus im in uk but yes true there is only up 2 34 in eng dub at the moment

  10. Naruto

    Episode 35 dubbed airs May 12
  11. Just dropping in to say 'hi' so hi :D

  12. Latest Naruto Manga Discussion [Spoiler]

    It will be very interesting to see Naruto learn how to control the Kyubi. BTW, I don't think Naruto has the intellect needed to be Hogake. I think Sakura would make a much better Hokage than Naruto.
  13. Counting down from 1,000,000

  14. Count to 100,000

    1195... yeah