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  1. Hey all im jldarkspider i signed up back in 2011 and was here for awhile, but i eventually stopped coming around. But i missed the forum here and decided to come back! Yay!
  2. I'm in the middle of the Tom Baker series myself. Awesome series, old and new!
  3. Well, fingers crossed! lets hope we can get it right without screwing it up like dragonball evolution.
  4. I'm interested to see how it turns out myself. The idea sounds awesome in my opinion.
  5. I watched The Medallion with Jackie Chan last week. Awesome movie.
  6. Just Curious to see if anyone here watches Doctor Who here on the forum.
  7. jldarkspider

    Favorite Anime

    Love Hina an Trigun!
  8. I would most definitely play a remake or a sequel!
  9. Longer most defiantly. The short ones end too soon.
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