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  1. Hey Koby, is there a section in the Anime downloads just for movies?

  2. Falco99

    BLEACH - Just how long will it go for??

    Are you serious? O_o
  3. Hey guy's, Need to know what your thought's of Bleach, and how long you think it will go for. Thanks
  4. Falco99

    best villain in final fantasy

    I would have to say Sephiroth, Chaos and Vayne Solidor. Sephiroth is by far my favorite though, he was like, the god of all villains.
  5. Falco99

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    Holy crap O_o Nice big list there! Thanks KOBY!
  6. Falco99

    Fall 2011 Anime Season

    All these anime's look interesting..... especially Guilty Crown.... Can't wait!
  7. How do I upload? Sorry for being a pain :/

  8. You can upload without being an upload. Once you've uploaded a lot of stuff you'll get to become an uploader.

  9. Hey Koby, I have a shitload of Anime, and I was wondering how I become an up-loader?

  10. Falco99

    Need help with Burning anime!!

    Hi guy's, I was wondering if anyone know's of a free, awesome burning program to burn all my anime from my hard drive to a DVD. I tried Express Burn but My trial period expired and I need Some sort of code, If anyone has one of them that would be awesome! But I'm grateful for anything. Thanks for your time
  11. Oh hey :) this shit is really confusing isn't it? :s

  12. Hey Man, it is Mitchell :)

  13. Falco99

    favorite english voice actor

    Would have to be the voice of Vegeta. Dunno the actual name of the person though.
  14. Falco99

    Best antivirus software for PC?

    I use Cyber Force Field. You have to pay for it, but it is excellent.
  15. Falco99

    Anime To Watch When You Are Bored

    Code Geass or Nyan Koi. Definitely not Bleach, because of all the filler's