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  1. Guess i just assumed kametsu just poofed into exsitence I figure this is one of the most popular forums, cause when i googled a bleach question, this was one of the first sites i saw. Maybe it was the first site i saw
  2. mustardshake57


    that's not urahara. That is one of the main characters from the game. Can't think of his name at the moment, but i remember he has a twin sister.
  3. my zanpakto would named Holy Diver my shikai release would be: "become epic Holy Diver" it's ability would be similar to toshiro, in that it would release a ronnie james dio riding a horse and kicking ass ...all to a bitchin theme song (that varies with each release) i would have no bankai, because i'd be to busy jamming out with dio
  4. 11/10 to journeyman's...the rest of you have been rated like 57 times
  5. Hey what's up with that?? The scene where you return to cocoon with your eidolins is just freaking epic
  6. I laugh every time i see this video
  7. fing tone: laid to rest by lamb of god text tone: on the precipce of defeat, from bleach
  8. Have you ever been licked by a dog, get grossed out byit, and then someone say: 'his mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth' My question is: Is this true???? No way does something that licks it's own butt have a cleaner mouth than i do.
  9. While she i usually a front line fighter and in the thick to things, i prefer her as she is: smart, resourseful, and determined. So no i'd rather she not get bankai...and besides she relies heavily on kido, she'll probably focus on that before she attempts bankai training.
  10. since i'm in my 30's i actually started with the first game on nes and have played everyone to come out in the states since then (except for 11 and 14, i want my ff experience to be single player and unique to me)
  11. mustardshake57


    Head captian yammamoto (sp) is at the top of my list right after urahara and ichigo's dad
  12. 1.white chapel 2.strapping young lad 3.throwdown 4.suicide machines 5.white chapel (yeah i said it twice)
  13. mustardshake57


    Why does everybody hate the bount are??? It was waayyy better than that senseless princess arc.
  14. Kenpachi's...nothing fancy but it gets the job done
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