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  1. guilty crown is good but its only subbed
  2. gundam 00 , code geass , darker than black and black lagoon are some good dub anime
  3. black lagoon phantom for requiem ' code geass canaan favorite anime
  4. Thanks for the add, so what's up?

  5. i think its around the early 2012 to mid because its only 5 episodes so it would take a few months to dub
  6. highschool of the undead i hope they make season 2 its best anime ever !
  7. just finished watching highschool of the dead best anime ever hopefully they make season 2
  8. end of the ova says the fight continues so season 2 or a movie is for sure
  9. i just finished black lagoon best anime i watched in a while since code geass, anyone recommend any anime's like that?
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