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  1. Kappuchu


    Welcome to Kametsu Community! Hope that you'll find your answers here!
  2. For me would be Rosario+Vampire, Beelzebub and Nurarihyon no Mago.
  3. Luffy, of course. No need to add more ...
  4. Kappuchu

    Hi Gang

    Hey mate! Glad to have you here, and btw, welcome to Kametsu Community!
  5. Banned because anime stole your life
  6. PORN !! ....just joking xD Inazuma Eleven - Ep.25
  7. I'd bring my comic books, mobile phone and some hot chick posters, just to pass the time.
  8. Ring tone : Parazitii - Noi vrem respect Text tone : Parazitii - O cheama
  9. Chi-Chi ( Goku's wife, she's a badass ) ps: I have a cat too, her name is Busha and she's 5 years old .Your cat is so little and cute, and her color is mostly like my cat.
  10. You can try Beelzebub, it's pretty funny.
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