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  1. Seeing as anime is one major thing here, I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a little self advertising. I've started up a store/business that not only focuses on anime/manga, but video games - cartoons - movies - and others. :'D So far there's mainly keychains and little accessories. But it'll be expanding the second possible! The store is supported by Storenvy, free site that uses Paypal for all forms of transactions. Be sure to check out my Store and it's facebook page! Follow it on Storenvy, and like it on facebok to receive updates. "About Luvit -> Buy It -> Uh-oh Don't Luvit -> Send it Back! What's not to Luv? Description Luvit is designed to help find and sell things that I personally love and be able to share it with others. It ranges from good only cartoons (ex. Adventure Time), to movies (ex. Nightmare Before Christmas), to video games (ex. Kingdom Hearts), and anything else you can think of! Looking for a specific fandom? I'm sure it can be found, just send an email or comment and we'll make sure we keep an eye out for it! " Luvit! Store Front Facebook Page
  2. well my favorite number 1 favorite was Junpei takiguchi who was the millennium earl from d.gray-man god rest his soul and the unknown voice actor who played nea walker's shadow from d.gray-man and lastly is Shō Hayami who played Sōsuke Aizen in bleach i do have others but i don't want to say much more kukukuku
  3. well i normally feel empathy towards the antagonist mostly but i feel to make a perfect character they need a good design a good plot and a good voice but i feel they have to match each other to me the more they match the more i like them for example my favorite is the millennium earl from d.gray-man and i only have 6 or so like that but i have other and that's the way i find my favorites and that's how i fell "empathy" towards them kukukukuku
  4. well it all depends some anime is good in dub but some are good in sub it just matters on who voices the characters kukukuku
  5. it is simple for me i look for 1 Character that i find interesting but i like picking ones by who plays the Characters i just need one or my sister makes me do one against my will it truly is sad
  6. i like the dub more but i watch the sub to keep me busy and happy because it takes a long time to dub
  7. d.gray-man-D.Gray-Man Extra Soundtrack - Track 14 - NM-64 Musician (Vocal+Piano Only) it is the most beautiful song have ever heard
  8. i watch them all the time i like to guess what it means i really like doing it during the first ops but i really don't like most ed so it is not a problem and there are easier ways to spoiler the anime because the op is more like a preview it does not mean to show a little to much
  9. pyroahlex


    d.gray-man is really good but i got really sad after the anime but that is just me
  10. the last one i finished was d.gray-man it made me emo i first was upset that it was incomplete and i wanted it to be remade but after i found out the millennium earl's Japanese voice died last year i got sad but the show was perfect and should not be touched so it ended just fine with me but i can't watch an episode with him in it with out crying
  11. bleach naruto shippuden d.gray-man
  12. hi i really need someones help i will make this short i have been looking for the Japanese voice actor for nea walker's shadow form from d.gray-man but i can't find it so since this site has helped me in the past can some please tell who plays him or some ideas on who it might thanks
  13. thanks but that is where i first got the image thanks any way
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