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  1. xD

    Except the origin of Kametsu was two separate forums, of which had their own long history, which can date back to my original forum in late 2001 (I was 11). So I've now been making / owning forums for more than a decade now. The actual Kametsu name wasn't born until 2005 I think it was. However this particular forum you see now wasn't made until late 2006 to early 2007 but it wasn't named Kametsu originally. Kametsu merged into this version of the board and we renamed it. Most of the original members had either left beforehand or left after it. It was known as Forgotten Memories at that time and was a Final Fantasy / RPG forum mostly. Before Kametsu merged with Forgotten Memories.... Kametsu had first merged with Koga's forum Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground as well. There is a lot of mergers in the forums history but that's a long tale.

    Thank You Koby for making such a great forum, there are like over 300 members and this is possibly the greatest anime forum out there...

    You better be getting paid for this...

    Did you make Cartoon World as well??

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