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  1. Krusiv

    Favourite Color in MTG

    White. I really like the Angel archetype and human aggro is a fun deck to use IMO.
  2. Krusiv

    What Online Free Games do You Play?

    I used to play League of Legends but it has gotten stale for me. Maybe if they would give us something other than a new champion every 2-3 weeks then I would still play it.
  3. Krusiv

    Favorite Genre [Anime]

    I love Slice of Life anime but I'm very picky about what I watch. I loved Ano Hana but I cannot stand series like Lucky Star.
  4. Krusiv

    Summer 2011 Anime Season

    I'm interested in watching Kamisama Dolls, Nyanpire, Usagi Drop, Blood-C, and Sacred Seven. That's odd thought, I could've swore that Coppelion was on this chart.
  5. Krusiv


    Wait so do you mean that they are going to make a Bleach "Shippuuden"?
  6. I started watching Kaze no Stigma after a friend recommended it to me. I'm currently on episode 10 but it's getting hard for me to finish this series. To me, it's not really that interesting. One thing I like about it though is the fact that the main guy uses the power of the wind which isn't something you see in most anime.
  7. Krusiv

    Who still has a ps2 or Nintendo 64

    I still have a PS2 but I almost never use it.
  8. Krusiv

    How did you find this website ?

    I asked a friend of mine if she knew of any good sites to directly download anime from. At first I was just going to get my 5 posts then become a leech bu I've noticed that this forum has a lot of great people on it and there are a lot of different topics to post in that I honestly wasn't expecting.
  9. Krusiv

    No Anime....

    It wouldn't be that big a deal for me. I would just go find something else to do.
  10. Krusiv

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Hall Pass. I can't recommend this movie to anyone... I thought that the taste in humor was really bad and it felt like the movie kept dragging on. Before anyone asks, my friend rented the movie and brought it over lol. I didn't want to watch it that much but he was "dieing to see it!!!"
  11. Krusiv

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    Modern Family will always be my favorite TV show. It's so funny!
  12. Krusiv

    Anime with the worst ending.

    The ending of the Soul Eater anime killed the entire thing for me.
  13. Krusiv

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    I still play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike to this day. I can't wait for Online Edition to come out!