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  1. fullmetal alchemist brotherhood -^-^-

  2. I like your avatar pic, where is it from?

  3. 9/10 rather awesome if i do say so myself
  4. Lanfan

    How dare you!

    How dare you let anime steal you life!
  5. Granted but you can't watch it 'cause it's dubbed in french I wish Dan Den hadn't stolen my wish
  6. Granted but now you're Patrick I wish Achmed(the dead terrorist)was mah bestest friend!
  7. if it's not a school day, i can log any where between 1-8 hours
  8. i have a PS2, X-Box(the first one), gameboy advance and SP, DS, 64, gamecube, and WII
  9. granted but each game takes $10 i wish adultswim showed more good anime more than once a week
  10. Lanfan

    Death By

    Death by Portal of Truth
  11. Lanfan


    people need sleep. i read some where that 11 hours of sleep deprivation is equal to a blood alchahol level of 0.7
  12. i have a disabled sister(physicaly and mentaly)i couldn't forgive someone who did something like that. plain and simple.
  13. i have a facebook but only for my tinierme account
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