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  1. Been there done that. Went over 6 months with no anime. All it did was make me appreciate my Anime so much more when I started watching again and there were a lot more episodes to plough through again. FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN!
  2. My memory isn't the greatest at times so I do generally forget the names of most of the characters, with the exception of the main character. For some reason those names seem to stick, it may take a while to remember it but it always comes.
  3. I always go for 720p and up. Just that sharper picture makes all my favourite anime so much more engrossing. When its blurry or sound is out of sync I turn it off and rage cos I can't bring myself to watch it. It then takes me hours of converting to get it to a reasonable quality which I prefer.
  4. BigBubba55


    Yeah some of the filler arcs are very bad but there were a few good ones in there. That one with the bratty princess in it really did my head in though, never watching that arc again.
  5. Diamond Dust Rebellion was the first EVER Bleach I watched and I was completely hooked from that point onwards. Brilliant storyline and animation. I'd love to get the whole collection again as my HDD corrupted and now I really want to watch this again.
  6. Nice review section bro. I've seen nearly everything here. I agree on your comments about cowboy beebop. It's more of a laid back series that is easy for anybody to get into. A very good anime starter.
  7. Ok which do you prefer? I liked the Naruto series the most. It just seemed to get overly serious in shippuden, compared to naruto. I like a good laugh. Also it got quite boring later on too.
  8. He ended up in the normal world cos he fell in love and had a kid with ichigos mum so I guess he had to hang around to bring them up didn't he? I don't know why he has to keep his secret from his son though, he's already involved with the soul society so what harm would it do?
  9. She should get her bankai, surely, I mean she trains all the time and she taught ichigo when he was just starting out. It would make it an interesting fight though, don't ya think?
  10. Yeah they become the buildings and the wall in the soul society, and the power that the soul reapers draw on to do their super duper special attacks. Wouldn't it be great if your particle ended being part of the ladies dressing rooms ;-)
  11. The fillers do get very annoying, especially when you are just getting into the series so far. Saying that I do enjoy the filler I just wish they'd put it after the main storyline is finished, like a new season as most programs do,
  12. My Fave is definately FF7 but I will say I really enjoyed Crisis Core as this filled in a lot of the plot that FF7 didn't bother revealing.
  13. Goku would win every time. Never could Superman hold a candle to Goku's speed and power.
  14. How about that dude from fist of the north star. One finger jab in the right place and game over.
  15. At the moment for me it has to be Game Of thrones, that show is awesome. I'm forever changing though so I could post here again, lol.
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