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  1. thats what I thought, but no one knows it!

  2. Really? I thought it was pretty well known... My sister was the one that got me into it.

  3. your like, the first person on kametsu that knows it!

  4. Fo sho! :D One of my favorite animes.

  5. your a Nana fan?! Awesome!

  6. Aww!! I LOOOVE MESHUGGAH!!!!!

  7. CON-vict

    The never ending story

    wallet and stole...
  8. CON-vict

    Amy Winehouse found dead

    Aww, that's tragic. She made a lot of great music, but it's a shame things like drug and alcohol addiction always seem to get in the way of extremely talented musicians. Most of them try to get help, but for some, it's no use. RIP Amy Winehouse. =(
  9. Haha, yes! Swedish metal ftw!! Clare's a huge fan, me, not so much. I like Swedish techno. <3

  10. OMG!!! If your Swdish, then do you know the band MESHUGGAH!!!!!!!!

  11. CON-vict

    Kametsu Member Photos

    This is a picture of me taken in Versailles, France... This was for Clare's photography project where she had to make an ad for her favorite type of drink. And than this is a picture of me taken from my phone in terrible lighting, so it's extremely blurry...
  12. Heyy!!! How goes it??

  13. I'd rather go on Facebook.. STALKING!!!!

  14. Or teh Skypez, either one...