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    One Piece

  2. Byakuya_Boy

    Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    Having recently watched Gintama ep 237 I was laughing so hard that I was compelled to create a thread like this one. I truly believe that Gintama has the potential to be a great anime and it's definately not failing at doing so. I find it a bit hard to stomach that no one else had thought of this before, come on guys this is one helluva awesome show. What did you guys think of the latest episode? I was all cracked up and was laughing so hard that my stomach and throat started to pain halfway through the episode and even after the show was finished I was still laughing over that one thing that cracked me up the most... The Penile Brake I thought I was gonna die when I saw that the breaks were broken. Man I don't want to watch episode 238 atm because I'll most probably disturb my family which is sleeping. Shogun episodes are so awesome!!!
  3. Byakuya_Boy

    Kimi to Boku

    I'm lovin this show, I just love the light-heartedness of this show. I heard that a second season might be airing next year. Can anyone please confirm this statement.
  4. Byakuya_Boy

    One Piece

    I was browsing the One Piece wikia while I stumbled upon these facts, and would like to share them with other people: * Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, was not captured but turned himself in. * Usopp is the only member in the Straw Hat Pirates to be unknown to the World Government. * Sanji's original name was Naruto, but the idea was scrapped since a new manga series was about to come out named Naruto. * Luffy's straw hat originally belonged to Gol D. Roger. * Roronoa Zoro was originally planned to be part of Buggy's crew. * During the whole history of the judiciary island Enies Lobby, not a single person sent there was ever pronounced innocent. * Zoro's move "Oni Giri" is also the name of a food. * Monkey D. Luffy is the first and only pirate in the series to ever enter and escape the top three World Government facilities (Enies Lobby, Impel Down and Marineford) alive. There are still many facts, but I only posted the ones I find most entertaining. I especially was a bit surprised by Sanji's original name.
  5. Byakuya_Boy


    Well, I am the 4th Muslim to be posting here. I follow the islamic religion, though I admit I'm not very religious. Like many people I hate it when other people try to enforce their ideas on me. I know some muslim people who force me to join them for religious occasions that didn't even exist in the original islam. I looked towards religion as something that brought my heart to peace when I was 13.... but as I continued studying islam a big question raised inside me about the religion, I won't mention the question, but if anyone wants to know they can go ahead and ask. I looked towards my mother and asked her my question. She looked back and told me that she couldn't justify my question, and its something which has been bothering her as well. I never dared to ask a Mufti (islamic priest who helps answer the question regarding islam) cause I believe they are too extreme. I had a muslim friend tell me that watching "Popeyes" (his name for anime) is strictly forbidden. When I couldn't find a answer my faith slowly started to grow weaker. And sometimes I even consider to change my religion.
  6. Byakuya_Boy

    Fairy Tail

    After finishing my exams and forcing myself to leave Skyrim, I got a chance to watch Fairy Tail dubbed. I was quite excited too.... until I realised that Natsu sounds like Bitch , Gray sounds OK when compared to the Japanese voice and when he says " Ice Make" it seems like someones gonna shoot him if he puts emotions in that line, Happy... what can I say about his voice actor, the Japanese voice actor is perfectly suited for this lil cat, while the English voice actor just takes away that essence of "This Cat is cute" and makes the english Happy seems less energetic compared to the Japanese one. Erza sounds younger in the English version. Overall it just seems like the voice actors were overdosed on caffeine, there's no emotion, nothing. The english dubs seem like some stage drama with adult trying to sound like annoying teenagers. They sound like them 80's magic shows with that.... I can't even describe it, but it annoys the crap outta me. WAY TO GO FUNIMATION. I'm going back to Subs. What did you think of the Dub?
  7. Byakuya_Boy

    One Piece

    In my opinion the One Piece is the treasure gathered around from different islands and gathered in one place. And uptil now for some reason no one has been able to find it.
  8. Byakuya_Boy

    Nosebleed moments

    Well, this scene is cut so it's not the full nosebleed. But it's the closest thing I could get to the real thing. Imo it's hard to beat this... (One Piece ep.422). I just can't make the Youtube viewer work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU1uuMUNn5I
  9. Yes, looks like I will be busy for quite some while. I already started Shiki and Gantz a month ago Gantz is a just cool but I'm really digging into Shiki and you gave me more of a reason to watch Rin. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Byakuya_Boy

    Adobe PhotoShop

    CS5 is way much better imo. I'm also a newbie to photoshop and am currently trying to make myself some nice sigs and artwork, though I just need someone to guide me through this vast software.
  11. Byakuya_Boy

    Birth days not so happy...

    It's kind of scary really, I used to enjoy my birthdays but ever since I started thinking about it this is what came to my mind, why do I celebrate the fact that I'm coming closer to death now that my years in life are gradually coming down. Imo birthdays are cool but not when that birthday will the last that you celebrate.
  12. Watched it as well, the last few episodes were really awesome. My first post mentions that I would like something that looks like the last few episodes of School Days. Ok how about a romance anime with a possessive character and bloodshed. Thanks for the suggestion, will try it. just watched the first episode, seems interesting.
  13. Byakuya_Boy

    Death By

    Death by tray
  14. Byakuya_Boy

    what you do If

    What would you do if you found out that your best friend accepted a stupid bet to not talk to you for a week, and to make things worse that bet came from your worst enemy.
  15. Byakuya_Boy

    Write the Next Lyric

    people are things so frail sometimes they commit actions that turn others pale