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    Request a graphic here!

    I need a Layout for my Toplist: Text (What you want it to say): Ruffys-Crew Toplist Sub-Text (Other text):The way to the Pirateking..... Size (Sigs are normally 350x140 or 400x100) (avatars are 100x100) (Buttons are 88x31 or 88x15): I don't know Images (Links Appreciated, we cannot offer to find images for you): http://ruffybeox.ru.funpic.de/Ablagen/render-luffy-copie-1.png and http://ruffybeox.ru.funpic.de/Ablagen/278-311.jpg Color Scheme: Light blue and orange Kind of Graphic(Banner, Button, Sig, Avatar, etc): 1 Button Things to Avoid: - Other Comments: It should look good Thank You! (Sorry for my English XD) Edit: It's ok, i don't need a Layout anymore.