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  1. Here, thought I'd make everypony's day 20% cooler, so here you go! http://www.mediafire.com/?jl2e8zmp8u8a8#jl2e8zmp8u8a8 It's all in iPod friendly iPod format btw.
  2. 1st one's good, but I do love the scenery of venice in heroes.
  3. Definitely Hellsing Ultimate. It (literally) has been YEARS since the 4th one.
  4. Why are the two being compared? One's a gory bloodbath, and the other's more action based. Anywho- probably Naruto to answer the question.
  5. Probably FLCL, it's hilarious!
  6. This show is still going? I remember watching this as a kid!
  7. Probably when I realized that one was a lot more epic than the other XD
  8. Have to say my little pony, but they're both really good
  9. ...Really? Personally I don't think so, but whatevs. Also, Yuri? Watch the first two episodes on youtube.
  10. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD POST ME SOME PONIES BRONIE! (Brohoof- ^.^/]*[\^.^ ) Also on a personal note, my favorite is Rainbow Dash.
  11. Nyu/ Lucy (Elfen Lied) Lelouch (Code Geass) Suzaku (Code Geass) Celty (Durarara!!) Prof. Stien (Soul Eater)
  12. 1. Elfen Lied 2. Code Geass 3. Durarara!! (It's pronounceable, trust me.) 4. Hellsing Ultimate (Despite it being SOOOOO delayed...) 5. Darker than Black
  13. I love how for half the page it was a fight over intelligence XD anyway- Lelouch. Why? Well, he had the entire plan calculated from the beginning of what he was going to do, and changed it accordingly. If not intelligent, at least determined. Great character overall, really.
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