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  1. Mass Effect 2 (Waiting for 3), Amnesia, Minecraft and a TON of Team Fortress 2
  2. Yeah Terraria's fun. Great change from minecraft. I like how you compared it to castlevania in a way. That's what I though =P
  3. Amnesia is definitely the scariest game I've played.......and Minecraft =P
  4. I agree with Dawn of War. If you want something along the lines of an RTS go with the DoW 40k titles but if you want something like a squad based strategy, Company of Heroes and DoW 2 are good choices. Frozen Synapse is also pretty good.
  5. Macbook pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Bootcamp Windows 7. Means I don't have to carry around my other laptop
  6. I'm hoping they at least announce it officially with a teaser trailer or something. Yet again Square Enix is working hard with their other games like FFXIII-2 and Kingdom Hearts 3D
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