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  1. aww man i like his my hero academia s2 encodes since they were 720 and not over 1gb each
  2. was sad to here im still trying to find out where some of the uploaders have gone now liek PHF, RH, if anyone know where there uploading now that would be great this is also gonna slow down alot of the FUNI-DL stuff too subs will recover more so than Dubs and Dual
  3. Im wondering if anyone will take up the remaining shows
  4. blazemanau

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2015

    Gate for me also cant wait for cour 2
  5. blazemanau

    Anyone remember Class of the Titans?

    its actually quite funny you mention this series as i have just found a torrent for it which i am slowly downloading from the qaulity is probaly the best i have found out of 2-3 torrents out there