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  1. Saw the Lion King when I was 4 years old! Saw it again when it came to theaters in 3D =P
  2. The Black Keys - Howlin' for You Check it out, lol I thought it was a real movie preview the first time I saw it.
  3. I continue to play the Ace Attorney Series over and over. While they are not particular difficult the second time around, they sure are entertaining. =D
  4. Big fan! Can't wait until the movie. What do you think about the cast? I think Jennifer Lawrence will turn out to be a pretty good Katniss, watched her in the movie "Winter's Bone" (The girl can act).
  5. Another fan of "How I Met Your Mother"! Also Love, Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time
  6. Working through the Game of Thrones Series...on book 4. I need something to hold me over till Season 2 on HBO!
  7. Woooo One of the best shows on T.V!!!
  8. La Noire(ps3) and Phoenix Wright (3DS)...over and over again
  9. Wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see it until the ps4... Ugh I hate waiting
  10. Shippuden is a bit more mature so it has my vote
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