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  1. ratman

    High School of the Dead Manga

    I think it continues in May right? Personally I'm waiting for the color editions. I bought the regular editions but then sold them and got the color book and its amazing(its huge!).
  2. ratman

    will there be continuation of Berserk series?

    From what I read they might stop making the movies and do an OVA or TV series which I think is a better idea since the longer the more it can take its time. Maybe they just wanted to get the Golden Arc done with fast so they make quick movies on them and then will making a longer OVA or TV series of anime after the Eclipse.
  3. Yeah as someone who grew on TMNT this is the most hilarious thing ever. Same with the musicals.
  4. ratman

    Anyone find BTOOM interesting?

    I haven't watched but it looks very interesting. Probably the main reason I'm not watching just yet is because I'm sure there will be a US release. I hope Sentai or FUNi get it.
  5. ratman

    Inuyasha: Final Act

    The ending was perfect IMO. Usually anime ending's disappoint but not this one.
  6. ratman

    Last Manga You Read

    Battle Angel Alita Last Outpost volume 12
  7. ratman

    Soft Subs versus Hard Subs

    Hard subs are so dated, nobody wants them anymore.
  8. ratman


    Its a great show but I'd never call it old.
  9. ratman

    Black Lagoon on Bluray

    The US release is better since the audio is 5.1, while the Europe version was only stereo. So if you have the setup get the US release.
  10. ratman

    evangelion 3.0

    Any good version of this? There was a cam that actually had decent video but it was at an angle and would keep moving cropping the picture which made it unwatchable.
  11. ratman

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    Both are great, just different. I slightly prefer dubs but I still love subs.
  12. I think it was JRPG's. Once I got into them I checked out anime. I'd download and trade episodes on my dial-up through Direct Connect. Anyone remember that?
  13. Hunter x Hunter 2011. I still prefer the first anime even with the filler but this one is still very good.
  14. ratman

    Manga your hoping to become a anime?

    I would die happy if Parasyte was ever animated. It would be incredible.
  15. ratman

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Shana Season 2. It was fine but rather slow I'm sure most will agree.