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  1. G Bass

    IRC error in XChat/HexChat?

    Turns out he did. Asked him in the chat and he's looking into it out.
  2. I am trying to download the file list for Koby's Yuniko bot, but I get this message: * Received a malformed DCC request from Yuniko. * Contents of packet: DCC SEND Yuniko.txt 1578574553 38301 0 Then I will get this after a bit: -Yuniko- ** You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. Type "/MSG Yuniko XDCC CANCEL" to abort the transfer. (150 seconds remaining until timeout) until it hits 0 seconds until timeout. Can anyone shed some light on this situation?
  3. Well that's a shame. Guess I'd have to go with the torrent and suck it up.
  4. I there are downloads on BakaBT and other torrent sites for this anime, but they are done by 8 different sub groups, some with different resolutions, video, and audio quality, which bothers me. Any chance of we could eventually get a download done by a single group/person? (Was annoyed when I read Rave Master, done by different translators, because Ruby's "poyo" turned into "puru" at some point. It was still a good read, but the change in quality of the scans and different translations just bothered me).
  5. G Bass

    last game you completed (any game)

    Played through Spec Ops: The Line last weekend. I expected a regular war story, which it kind of was, but it was a lot better than expected.
  6. I like to use MSI Afterburner myself.
  7. G Bass

    Cheep Decent iPod Alternative

    If i was getting this for myself then I would probably do that, but since its a present i would rather get something either new. I see. Well this is a little over your budget but the Kyocera Rise is a cheap budget device. />http://www.virginmobileusa.com/shop/cell-phones/kyocera-rise-phone/features/
  8. G Bass

    Cheep Decent iPod Alternative

    If you're fine with used, Craigslist should make it easy to find a used phone or something that meets your requirements. A Droid X can be had for about $70-$80 USD. And then there are also other Android phones and the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  9. At first I thought it was because I needed to update to HexChat but I still can't connect. I get this error. * Looking up irc.xertion.org * Connecting to irc.xertion.org (2607:5300:30:1::7559) port 6667... * Connected. Now logging in... * *** Looking up your hostname... * irc.xertion.org 6667 :Please use this Server/Port instead * Closing link: (Freeman@2602:306:cf3c:80d0:2184:ae89:496d:ef9d) [This server is having some technical difficulties, redirecting you to another server.] * Disconnected (Remote host closed socket). Do I just have to wait it out or did I do something wrong?
  10. G Bass

    What's your cell phone?

    Just sold my Droid X to a friend and got an Xperia Play. Now I have an emulator machine.
  11. Guake Terminal and WINE come to mind.
  12. G Bass

    the OUYA has arrived

    I doubt it will overthrow Sony or MS, but it'll still be a hell of a console/Android machine. I'll probably be getting one for Android RPG's and as a settop player.
  13. I wanna watch Basilisk but I can't seem to find the 720p release. I don't like to watch SD anime if an HD version is out. I've seen a whole bunch of those. Maybe I outta give Black Butler or Kaza no Stigma a try. I always see em on the Netflix home page but never checked them out.
  14. With just about a week left before school starts for me, I'd like to watch one more series before the end of summer. What I'm looking for is something dubbed and completed, and something I can get either here or watch on Netflix. Here's a list of what I've seen. http://myanimelist.n...imelist/GDUB_00 EDIT: How can I get that anime label in front of the title?
  15. G Bass

    Post Your PC Specs

    That resolution. Yeah, as Rikuo said, you definitely need a new PSU. Your current GFX card by itself recommends a minimum PSU of like 350 watts iirc, which you do not meet. Pretty sure a 300 watt should be fine. The rig in my sig runs a 7750 just fine on 300 watts and my card is more powerful.