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  1. When will the 720p be ready? just curious?
  2. trunks9us

    Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    I use a 3rd party program call invision i enjoy the theme and the file explorer. You can also use upp I used to fserve on irc back in the dial up days. I was a part of alot of the channels on dejatoons including cartoonchaos but i doubt anyone remembers me unless they recognize my nick from here. I have been with them since all the back to dalnet and irchighway and the other serve everyone went to before the ddos attacks. they used to be one of my good channels as well as 80s-cartoons and tmnt-files & cartoon_palace. SO many more good ones... Man I am starting to feel old now thinking about being in high school and now here we are today.
  3. trunks9us

    Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    Oh man I was out of town and didnt have access to a computer with family around I wish I could of made it into this tracker. If anyone wants to throw me an invite please do.
  4. trunks9us

    Hello All

    I am new here just trying to say my greets