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  1. Shinigami King

    Do you think cussing affects a person's vocabulary

    I cuss all the damn time, in any given situation, not because I can't use more appropriate word choice, but because, 1. I don't believe in censorship of any kind, 2. my speech sounds retarded & non-fluent without it, and 3. I really don't give a fuck what people think of me because I'm kind of anti-social, after all I constantly blow off requests to socialize so I can watch anime and play video games by myself, hell, I've even blown off many opportunities to have sex to do those very things, just because I don't like being around other people. Another reason why I'm completely comfortable cussing around any and all company is because, with me, what you see (or in this case hear) is what you get, because I don't know how to be anyone but myself so that's all I can give you. For example, If I'm interviewing for a job, I'll cuss during it, and I don't get the job because the employer feels that how I talk is more important than my ability to actually do the job and make them money, then I'd have to call them a bunch of ignorant dumbasses because they're obviously not in the business of making money, which is the whole point of a business, and in all honesty I wouldn't want to work in that type of environment, because if I can't be myself at work then I'm nowhere near as efficient as I could be, which, as a result, would end up in my job security being severely impacted in a negative way, and ultimately, lead to my position at that job getting terminated. So at the end of the day, think of me what you will, because your mind isn't in my body so your opinion is null and void.
  2. Shinigami King

    An old riddle I enjoy.

    This one is pretty easy. An 18 year old guy is dating and having sex with a girl that's 4.5 years old, yet her friends and her parents are completely okay with it, Why is it this?
  3. Shinigami King

    An old riddle I enjoy.

    he sold it for the equivalent $0.05 to the poor of a wealthier country, therefore he became a millionaire in America by exchanging currency
  4. Shinigami King

    Code Lyoko: Season 5

    Well, you're in luck http://forum.******************/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=43734&hilit=Code+Lyoko
  5. Shinigami King

    Question about Walmart's Site To Store

    Yeah I ordered these today, and yes the Walmart staff will help you set it up.
  6. Shinigami King

    most awesome kill or death in an anime?

    Afro Samurai, the 30 something people killed when he sliced the bullet, the guy he stabbed through the skull, and the mid-air fight between him & his robot counterpart. Blood+, the first chiropteran Saya killed, Hagi killing Amshel, Carl's death, Diva's death.
  7. Shinigami King

    Fairy Tail

    They didn't screw up DB/DBZ/DBGT, Baki The Grappler, Lupin The 3rd, or FMA/FMA:B (okay maybe a little on FMA:B, though it was only because, the kid who originally voiced Alphonse, grew up to the point to where he couldn't do the voice anymore)
  8. Shinigami King

    best games for music

    Assassin's Creed (the whole series)
  9. Shinigami King

    Encoding & Converting

    No, my psp go & my psp-3000, both play my music video encodes which are 640x480, though those were done with the PS3's Video Editor & Uploader, downscales any video above 640x480 to 640x480, and only uses PSP-MP4 codecs
  10. Shinigami King

    Encoding & Converting

    actually the psp can play up to 640x480, & it looks great.
  11. Shinigami King


    Well, I highly doubt that they'd pay the voice actor to do one last Toonami block, just to fuck with us, but I guess we will just have to wait and see, lol I nearly jizzed my pants when I seen the Toonami intro vid
  12. Shinigami King


    or is this some april fools shit, because there is a block of Toonami airing on adult swim as I post this.
  13. Okay here's my dilemma, I have the 3rd, 4th, 6th & 7th seasons of InuYasha, but I can't find the 1st, 2nd or 5th seasons anywhere in-store, but it is available for Walmart's Site To Store where I live, so my question is, will Walmart set up the order for me in-store so I don't mess it up? BTW: I'm sorry if this is in the wrong board.
  14. Shinigami King

    Have you ever...

    ... said a word, & then started thinking intensely, for 2 hours, about how weird it sounds, then a loud noise happens & you forget what you were just thinking about.
  15. Shinigami King

    Habits or compulsions.

    I have to have my cords out of sight, the amount of songs ongs in my psp's playlists have to be even, I can't stand my room being messy, but their ALWAYS has to be something cluttering it, otherwise it won't feel like my room, I have to masturbate before I can fall asleep.