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  1. rofl. Chiyo-Powned!!!

  2. Ah, now that Ive looked I understand who you are. Still, we all love Chiyo-chan!

  3. ROFL! this is too funny ^.^

  4. Loving all the downloads. Quick question, why are you crusader X with all these premium downloads?

  5. Hello, thanks for the uploads, one question are you a bot from the future?

  6. Hey I am surprised you aren't UPLOADER status... you seem to be uploading quite a bit! ^^

  7. Chiyo


    Welcome to Kametsu! ---------- Post added at 03:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:36 PM ---------- Hope you like it here.
  8. Chiyo

    Hello XD

    Welcome to Kametsu!
  9. Chiyo


    Welcome to Kametsu!