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  1. Arceus can change type acording to what plate it is holding super high stats the "Alpha" Pokemon uses judgment, which becomes the type of the user It is deffinetly the best yet!
  2. Waiting for code Geass R3 ,history of the strongest disciple kenichi , Shakugan no Shana, Rosario + Vampire and Zero no Tsukaima
  3. Best anime fight scene = History's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi
  4. can the Lelouch because they ordered him to kill himself after, will command the world destroy the dragonball, or be able to order the goku may become a slave and to serve forever!!!!
  5. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece. although many people like the above, For me they are stupid. For example the One Piece: The characters is like caricatures As for the other 2 as many times as they sat down to see these animes,they weren’t that much at all There are absolutely other animes that are thousands times better.PLUS for these 3 animes you need to spend a lot of time to see them which Time is very important and beside instead of see these crap you can see 15 whole anime series and at the same time watch supernatural!
  6. difficult ... Why does every one in every Anime has its own character, so can not say each one has something to offer. whenever I say that I like all!!
  7. and of course Dragonball Z is old time classic!!!!!
  8. 1 Dark N Angel 2 dbz 3 yugioh 4 digimon 5 UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 6 Bastard 7 Kaze No Stigma 8 Love Hina 9 Eureka Seven 10 Gurren Lagann and more!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. and of course Goku... Superman has it for breakfast The goku is super sayias 4 and can destroy only with his eyes
  10. Kaze No Stigma Anime EXCELLENT good complicated Unfortunately 1season has English dub The season 2 + ova were in Chinese with English sub
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