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  1. Ok first off warning I have seen alot of anime and I cant seem to find new good series. So any help from a seasoned anime watcher I would really appreciate. I am looking for an anime with very good fight scenes, actions/supernatural/shonen they can be very violent as I do not mind. I also prefer when they develop a deep story line. Here are list of my favorites along with others I have seen. They can also be dubbed(preferred) or subbed. Berserk Bleach Naruto Shippuden Code Geass soul eater FMA brotherhood claymore D.Gray-man Hellsing Vampire Knight Air Gear Record of Lodoss Wars elfen lied Others I have Seen book of bantorra basilisk all of the gundams blassreiter black blood brothers blood + buso renkin trigun cowboy bepop chrono crusade e's otherwise fate stay night flame of recca getbackers gantz gurren laggen kaze no stigma kiba Neon Genesis Evanglion peacemaker s-cry-ed ruroni kenshin samurai deeper kyo big O Utawaremeno Yuyu Hakusho Witchblade Tenjo tenge blood + Bastard Blade of Immortal Darker than Black Descendants of Darker Death Note Getbackers Devil May Cry Dragonaut the Resonance DBZ Escaflowne Final Fantasy Flame of Recca Gantz Ghost in the Shell Gungrave Samurai X Gun x Sword Ikkitousen Inuyasha Legend of Himiko Macross Morbito outlaw star peacemaker Queens blade Rahxephon Ronin Warriors Saiyuki all of them samurai champloo Shadow Skill Street Fighter Twelve Kingdoms Trinity Blood Wolfs Rain When they Cry yuyu Hakusho Witch Hunter Robin
  2. can you do me a favor

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    berserk code geass gundam 00
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    argh this sucks I was excited about bleach coming back.
  5. I really enjoy action and supernatural animes, especially with well done fight scenes I am looking for some new recommendations i will list my favorite animes: berserk hellsing claymore record of lodoss wars bleach code geass naruto shippuden soul eater
  6. what is the best fight scene of any anime that has dub that you have watched?
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