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  1. code geass was a real disappointment at the very end for me. i am actually tiered of them making us love a character and then killing them in the end. and lelouch was not the only one.
  2. lady Lady, lady Georgie, gold Rake UFO robot, Treasure Island, G force, the moomins.
  3. I guess I would like to see Special A and skip beat dubbed
  4. if there is any one i watched the whole thing again is samurie X but i only watched selected eps again of -Bleach -Fairy tail -detective conan -gundam 00 -code guess
  5. only when i am really tired that i fall asleep at the P.C. weather it is anime. movie or work. and when that happens it is strait to bed for me....no pass go .....no collect 200.....
  6. whats does this gil mean and how can i get mine higher

  7. yah Bugs Bunny is a favorite at my home. My little brother loves him a lot. there is nothing like the cartoons we watched growing up. it is a part of my childhood.
  8. It interesting, entertaining and you get to see in to other lives.
  9. Well I didn't see much dubs, but my choice is Samurai X. Just perfect. For the Blaech, naruto and one piece, it's subs for me. Fruit Basket was rather good. The best part a bout dubs, is that you get to look at the pictures more than just the reading.
  10. well I guess I have to say, yes I do dream of my anime sometimes. But only when the story gets really exciting and I can't wait to see what is going to happen. I sometimes end up seeing an other side to the story that doesn't exist.
  11. i think the writer is up to something. Ichigo's dad is up to something to. and for ORIHIME, she is just part of the puzzle. guess we will have to wait and see?
  12. my first thought was Naruto, but thinking back i would say that they both would end up drinking tea together because it is a pointless fight.
  13. Hero's Comeback is my choice
  14. i guess Naruto because of his sense of justice
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