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  1. I really like the dancer Nobody, but then again I'm biased toward Demyx. I thought they were pretty...though really irritating.
  2. I totally love Demyx, I think he's so adorable and sweet. And I love how despite all that he's a total baddie in battle. Totally misleading!
  3. Compared to X, I just thought it was really boring, even if I liked aspects of it. It just never captured me like X did...
  4. I think it looks like fun. I loved the Outbreak series for the online play. Offline it was pretty boring. But I love multiplayer RE...So I really hope this is fun.
  5. Personally I'd like to see a remake. I thought it was a good game, but it wasn't my favorite one...
  6. I really loved 8. I started playing it when I was 16 and that was almost ten years ago. I keep replaying it, it was just so good. I would love to see it remade into HD graphics--I think it would be beautiful.
  7. I really hope they're still working on a 3. I remember seeing the 'secret' ending in 2 so many years ago. I'm still waiting!
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