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  1. Any recommendations for a decent fansubs source for Ushio to Tora? I quickly glanced at a few and most were just PGS subs unfortunately. Any help is appreciated!

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    2. D.Knight


      HS is good enough if you just want to watch it. There is DmonHiro's release which use HS subs with big fonts i believe. If you plan to archive it then you might have to wait.

    3. Koby


      Honestly, I'd stick with HS over Dmonhiro. His video, while blu-ray, is likely a re-encode of some random raw group badly downsized to 720p. And the subtitles for his releases are usually external, missing fonts, and altered to be terribly styled and overly big. There's no telling what kind of edits he may have done to the subtitles either. So only reason to go with his stuff is if there isn't any other option available to work from.


      So yeah, unless you're willing to retime HS, then you're stuck with PGS. Pretty sure those encodes with PGS are just USBD anyways. If you don't care about basic subs, you could do some quick OCR to get some untypeset ASS subtitles from the PGS.

    4. InvitationToHades


      Yeah most likely going to retime from HS and work from there. Thanks a lot guys.