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  1. Sorry for disappearing all of a sudden. I recently got a new job and until I get settled in with my schedule I will be taking a small hiatus. I'll try to be active again as soon as possible. Until then apologies everyone.

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    2. Koby


      > Joins Project Crew.

      > Disappears




      Joking aside, We understand, everyone has a life.

    3. monsieurcooler


      wut bout me then 😛

    4. Nabull


      You get back to work, no special treatment for you 

  2. InvitationToHades

    Happy 5th Birthday, Adalee, daughter of Kametsu. <3

    Adorable. Happy belated!
  3. InvitationToHades

    AnimeBytes is open for application sign up

    When and if they do open their applications again and you get the question wrong, you can just apply again. I got one wrong on my first attempt the first time but I reapplied almost immediately and got accepted the following day.
  4. InvitationToHades

    E3 2018 Discussion

    Aside from Kingdom Hearts III (which the release date got confirmed last night via Twitter), I'm only interested in the Nintendo conference on Tuesday. Looking forward to possibly Metroid 4 gameplay/release date, New Retro Studios game, Super Smash Bros. Switch, Fire Emblem, possible sneak of the 2019 Pokemon game, and more on the Switch online services. I also am aware of the Switch being hacked so I am also preparing for the eventual Switch V2.0 model to patch the hardware exploits in the tegra chip.
  5. Any recommendations for a decent fansubs source for Ushio to Tora? I quickly glanced at a few and most were just PGS subs unfortunately. Any help is appreciated!

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    2. dragonamar


      HS is good enough if you just want to watch it. There is DmonHiro's release which use HS subs with big fonts i believe. If you plan to archive it then you might have to wait.

    3. Koby


      Honestly, I'd stick with HS over Dmonhiro. His video, while blu-ray, is likely a re-encode of some random raw group badly downsized to 720p. And the subtitles for his releases are usually external, missing fonts, and altered to be terribly styled and overly big. There's no telling what kind of edits he may have done to the subtitles either. So only reason to go with his stuff is if there isn't any other option available to work from.


      So yeah, unless you're willing to retime HS, then you're stuck with PGS. Pretty sure those encodes with PGS are just USBD anyways. If you don't care about basic subs, you could do some quick OCR to get some untypeset ASS subtitles from the PGS.

    4. InvitationToHades


      Yeah most likely going to retime from HS and work from there. Thanks a lot guys.

  6. Quote

    I admit, the rules are quite intimidating which is why I refrain from uploading my own muxes. It saves me the trouble of having to be "perfect". I miss the days when everyone wasn't so concerned about the "best release". Don't get me wrong though, I strongly believe rules are set in place to keep everything organized and help reduce the amount of questions you may have about a release when it can be directly listed in the OP. I just feel sometimes the rules are too strongly enforced and it feels like "do this my way or try somewhere else". While rules are meant to be adhered to, I also think they can also be broken to a certain extent as well.


    The thread was hidden but you raised a good point right before it closed, which I think should be addressed.


    The whole push for "best releases" is not a rule in any way. You are more than welcome to upload anything regardless of its quality, so long as it's in the right section. The new rules only cover where things should go, how they should be labeled and prevent abusive practices by uploaders (link shorteners, monetized linking, crappy upload sites).


    There are no rules whatsoever regarding quality, except for the mini-encode section. You don't need to worry about being a "best release" in any regard when posting a release.

    1. emjay911


      Since I have joined Kametsu, never felt any sort or level of intimidation even when considering the rules, announcements, threads and posts, its not like Kametsu is a private tracker.

  7. InvitationToHades

    [UPCOMING] Multi-stage server maintenance

    Hope you get better.
  8. InvitationToHades

    3DS Game Recommendations?

    Pokemon series Legend of Zelda series Metroid: Samus Returns Mario series Bravely Default Ever Oasis
  9. InvitationToHades

    Nintendo Switch

    The Smash HYPE is real. Especially considering I never owned a Wii U and couldn't really experience Smash 4. I too am highly looking forward to all the titles coming out this year. My desire waits for Metroid Prime 4. Most likely gonna be the main showcase at this years E3.
  10. So someone uploaded BD remuxes of Teen Titans S1. I'm no expert on video comparisons so I come to you guys! What do you think? BD or Webrip? https://diff.pics/3kEkXSZFDTX7/1


    Edit: The WebRip is the one directly from the google store. AFAIK the only other Teen Titans release to have the true 16:9 aspect ratio for S1.

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    2. emjay911


      Web colors look better and more accurate .. especially the 3rd image .. what is with the pixel purple hair ?

      At least to me


    3. BobbyDrake


      I think that WEB-DL is much better than BDRemux. BDRemux have only one +: DTS-HD MA audio track. 

      WEB-DL have AAC audio track. 



    4. InvitationToHades


      I didn't realize her pixel purple hair til you pointed out. Ha, the WEBRip seems to be the general consensus for now. Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate it.

  11. Ah okay, thank you very much for the quick reply.
  12. Is there a definitive release of "Soul Eater" that you can recommend? I have the Coalgirls 720p release and was wondering if there was a definitive 1080p release you might know of? Cheers. MAL Link
  13. InvitationToHades

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2017

    The Ancient Magus Bride.
  14. I see a resemblance in the way Naruto started out. I hope this is his way of showing the viewers of his eventual maturity phase. We have tons of episodes to help with that. I guess time will tell.
  15. InvitationToHades

    Overlord Anime's 2nd Season Teaser Video Streamed

    Also hoping for a simuldub but if not I have no problems watching it subbed as well. I absolutely cannot wait.