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  1. bagoly14

    What anime character would you be?

    Lelouch from Code Geass...or Shizuo from Durarara
  2. bagoly14

    Favorite animal?

    Hedgehogs. Sonic in brawl made my year.
  3. bagoly14

    Anime with the best story

    Dragonball, FMA, and Code Geass. Neon genesis too haha
  4. bagoly14

    anime that never dies

    DBZ....nuff said
  5. bagoly14

    How do You watch your anime?

    MPC from my pc with HDMI to my 1080p tv. I also marathon every series, no less than 12 eps at a time.
  6. I agree with stigma of the wind, but since the author died I think it is fine with where it ended. I must say that spice and wolf is the most under rated anime I've probably ever watched - it's clever and interesting and I hope it gets animated despite the fact I'm reading the light novels.
  7. bagoly14

    Favorite DBZ Character

    Vegita, loved his comment about turning the androids into a washing machine haha
  8. bagoly14

    Card Sleeves

    ebay is probably your best bet
  9. bagoly14


    lol, i thought people would get banned for speed posting to 15 (i'm still scared haha)
  10. bagoly14

    Last Manga You Read

  11. bagoly14


    Studies and anime have never mixed well for me haha
  12. bagoly14


    I'm new to the forum as well, I'm just a lurker/seeder haha
  13. bagoly14

    noob looking for suggestions

    How about Gintama or Darker than black?
  14. bagoly14

    So what should I watch now?

    Have you watched Darker than Black? I heard it's quite good even though it's a dub. You might want to try Gintama as well.