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  1. Im curious, do you watch it online? offline on a pc/mac/ec/ on your TV thru a console? for me <3 my modded Xbox1 i watch not just my anime on it but everything else inbetween
  2. i Self inflict endless pain and torture ..err. "Reinstall" My OS once a year (lil joke on how much a pain it is to recover from re-install) im dualbooting between Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. just debating if i should make 64bit the main OS despite it'd only let me access a mere extra 512MB Ram
  3. Chrono Crusade (i'd give it an 7 out of 10) i was impressed at the series not much to fault it but long series animes have kinda spoiled me.. kinda wish it was a lil longer.
  4. i'd be surprised if sony Finally fixed thier mistakes with Vita as they did with the first generation. PSPs but i'd likely wait a year or so after its in stores to see what hackers can start probing it for. but the new carts for it? makes me think of the DS's own but for now im pleasntly happy with my old PSP1k
  5. Thanks i've never been shy on forums before but if anyone has questions about me being a Furry Dont hesitate to ask :3
  6. i Cant remember where i saw it and i Just redid my PC so i dont have the link on hand for it but i think it MAY have been QuickJump or gamefaqs, but they are working on Touching up Chrono Cross for PS3/PSP PSX Classics (PS1 Eboots) ironicly befor ei ever played Trigger i played Cross. now i Just cant wait ^.^ though i'd like to see Trigger and Cross not Rebranded for PSP but remade like how FF1 and 2 were for the PSP.
  7. Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition (PSP) Final Fantasy III (DS) Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA) Final Fantasy IV (DS) Final Fantasy VII (PS1) Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus (PS2) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP) Final Fantasy IX (PSP Eboot and PS1 discs) Final Fantasy XI (account since 2005, have PS2 Discs, 360 Disc, PC copy "Ultimate Collection 2010" DVD)
  8. i've manage dto play w/ Milestone 1 and though its only an aplha.. im not much impressed but time will tell, though for now im perfectly happy with Windows 7 (which i got a copy free at the New efficiency Seminar in Detroit back in 2009)
  9. Warnin dont click play if you havent played the game or wish to hear spoilers.
  10. Just joined :3 My name is Cael Thunderwing and im a Furry :3
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