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  1. STR1K3

    Starting Universal Century

    I was in the same boat as you (except i slightly prefer SEED to 00. Wing started off great and lost itself in the middle. I hope you've seen endless waltz though!). I'd watch the original just for the context. It feels a little slow and the animation is dated, but still worth it. The first half of SEED is almost a carbon copy of 0079. 08th MS team is a must see and 0083 Stardust Memory is fantastic. 0080 War in Pocket is quite different, i kind skipped it because i really want to watch Zeta, but i have since been convinced to double back and finish it.
  2. STR1K3

    Mass Effect 3 - The Choices come to Haunt

    Oh ok, i vaguely remember that now, my bad. Its been a year and im only part ways on my second play though. I guess i better finish 2 , i seem to be forgetting a bunch of stuff
  3. STR1K3

    Mass Effect 3 - The Choices come to Haunt

    I hate to be that guy, but.... technically if you read the codex (or whatever that journal thingy is) the shuttle can carry 12 + 2 pilots. And by unnamed mystery mission, im assuming you mean the "suicide" mission? Your crew is still aboard the Normandy and you've been gathering all these people for that last mission, i wouldn't really make sense to leave them on the ship... (although i don't remember that bit about the "collector ship find us", i am on a replay so i'll find out soon). Anyways, i can't wait. I tried to preorder the special edition for PC, but the EB Games is all sold out. Im gonna check a few other places then i guess i'll have to grab a copy off amazon. They still have the special edition of ME2, so here's hoping the'll have extras of 3.
  4. STR1K3

    anime suggestion!!!

    Out of the ones not already named, Black Lagoon, Gundam 00, Gundam Wing and Outlaw Star
  5. STR1K3

    Recommended Anime?

    Outlaw Star, closest thing to Cowboy Bebop that i've found.
  6. STR1K3

    what are some good scifi animes?

    As much as i love back lagoon, i wouldn't consider it scifi. But totally worth the watch if you haven't seen it. I can see why Shyguysteve suggested it, as i scifi fan i do love it, just not for the scifi content. All the big names have been pointed out. But i'll throw in Gundam Seed, which pretty much is a space opera like star wars. Albeit with more crying and Mobile suits.
  7. Has nobody said Cowboy Bebop? Also, highly recommend Black Lagoon, Darker than Black and Gundam Seed/00
  8. 15 posts seems totally fair. There are a ton of threads to post on. I'll have to remember this next time i download something, i haven't so far cause it felt like cluttering up the thread, but i next thing i download i'll be leaving a thank you.
  9. STR1K3

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Skyrim, World of Tanks and Pokemon emerald.
  10. Thanks, i put it in the youtube tags (the ones from the advanced editor) but all i got was a large white square, i'll be sure to try that.

  11. to use the youtube tags you copy the code at the end of the url into the youtube tags like this

    [ youtube ] tVPpYxogEfY [ / youtube]

    but without the spaces =) hope that helps in the future

  12. STR1K3

    How To Keep A Woman Happy

    Pretty relevant, 9 ways to treat a woman, by BriTANicK tVPpYxogEfY Thank you Shazi for the help with the embed codes!
  13. STR1K3

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Im super surprised how well it runs on my laptop. Im getting at least 30 fps, although with a few minor slow downs. (although, i do recall i have the auto save on every 5 minutes so it could be that.)
  14. STR1K3

    Darker than Black Season 2

    I was super scared when i started season 2 because it looked like they where playing a "gundam seed destiny" play (ie starting a second season from the view point of a antagonist, thus making the previous protagonist the new antagonist). So far seems to be working out fine, im only have way through enjoying it quite a bit, although it is not without its flaws.
  15. STR1K3

    Why do people hate Anime

    Echoing what everybody else has said, people think its cartoons when the stories are on par (and many times better) that live action TV. Also people tend to think its super childish or hentai.... no in between.