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  1. Shorty14

    Naruto Shippuden English Dub Discussion

    Does anyone know when the episodes after 140 will be out? I'm addicted and just want to know how long I will have to wait now
  2. Shorty14

    Naruto Shippuden English Dub Discussion

    have they fixed up the bungle with episode 114?
  3. Shorty14

    Kakashi's Real Face

    I really do hope they show his face. I'd be like Naruto & Sakura trying to unmask him at every chance I got!
  4. Shorty14


    Kakashi x Sakura!!
  5. Shorty14

    Fanfiction. Your thoughts

    I love reading fanfiction but only if they have my favourite characters in them and are well written. I could practically read them all day if the writer's puts in a good effort
  6. I'm so happy! T u T

    It's not a problem, I was glad to do it.

  7. Shorty14

    Request a graphic here!

    Thanks heaps! It rocks
  8. I know that it isn't the picture that you wanted used but when I tried with the original, the signature looked very plain. So i did a little digging and found a few renders. Since you seemed to want Kakashi with his Anbu mask, I made this;


    You don't have to use it but I hope you like it. ^^

  9. Shorty14

    Request a graphic here!

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a sig as well Text (Shann) Sub-Text (Hatake) Size (umm.. i guess just normal size? sorry still new to this) Images -(http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2009/352/7/3/Kakashi_hatake_anbu_by_darkrobin124.jpg ) Color Scheme:Anything that works Kind of Graphic(Sig) Things to Avoid: - Other Comments: Thanks in advance, I'm sure you guys get a lot of requests
  10. Shorty14

    ShikaIno or ShikaTema?

    Definitely a ShikaTema fan Just seems to work
  11. Sakura annoys me a heap...
  12. Shorty14

    Who is your faviorite kuinochi?

    I'd have to say Temari. I love her attitude
  13. Shorty14

    How old were you when you started watching Naruto?

    I would have been roughly 15 or 16? Never looked back since
  14. Shorty14

    Is Naruto good enough against DBZ?

    I used to love watching DBZ but now that I have seen Naruto it seems to pale in comparison.
  15. Shorty14

    Who is your beloved naruto character

    Mine is Kakashi Hatake. Just has this thing about him