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  1. maddcobra_31

    Bleach Live-Action Movie

    if they did it it would be a total disaster just leave bleach as it is and im sure most bleach fans would agree with me
  2. maddcobra_31

    Naruto Shippuden movie 5

    yip suspense is murderous on me right now cant wait to see the next one
  3. maddcobra_31

    Forum Converted to IPB

    Koby all i can say is thank you for your hard work man. using this site has been great so far i look forward to using it more in the future
  4. maddcobra_31

    Are some animes too short

    Would really like to see a second season for kenichi i really loved that show right now the manga is really eppic and they do have enoth that they could make another season or 2 even hajime no ippo could get anothe season or 2 in my books
  5. maddcobra_31

    Are some animes too short

    to much anime is coming out and most of them are to short if there gonna follow the manga at least make sure to have enough volumes to make at least 2 seasons man
  6. maddcobra_31

    Favorite Anime and Why???

    black lagoon, one piece, FMA, FMP, code geass ,hellsing, black blood brothers, blood+
  7. What is your opinion about the anime and manga and also does it deserve a second season???? i think its an awesome story line and i really enjoyed it as an anime and i kinda like the manga but i would really like to see a season 2 for it
  8. i would really like to see a second season of claymore also HOTD and freezing
  9. maddcobra_31


    well i didn't read the manga but i watched the anime i was really looking forward to seeing yuki and zero get together wasn't a big fan of Kaname since hes a bit to cocky and it was a bit of a shock when yuki was awakened as a true blood and Kaname's sister and now yuki and Kaname have left the academy so whats next
  10. maddcobra_31


    will there be a season 3 for this anima i cant see it ending like that
  11. ok now iv seen the manga and ichi did the getsuga tensiou i no that zangetsu is there but whats with this - i really want to kill you now look
  12. maddcobra_31

    What animes have made you cry?

    i would have to go with CLANNAD this one had me going made me cry like a baby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnIB91PJAhE
  13. maddcobra_31

    best fight in bleach

    i would go with the Ichigo Vs Grimmjow or the ichigo vs moramassa/zangetsu but cant forget the wickedest fight of them all against ulquiorra
  14. OH HELL NO!! Kenpachi+Shiki=chaos then Kenpachi+Banki= Utter and total destruction well we already know it chaos when he releases his spirit energy every one knows when the beast is awake and on a rampage
  15. it really has me pumped up just waiting to see it