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  1. I would like to know what are the list of anime to be release in blueray definition in 2012?
  2. mikemelad25

    Favorite Anime

    Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and GT. The best ever!!!
  3. I'm looking for a game in PC released this year to play soon and need your suggestions please. I love car racing, adventure or RPG. Tnx in advance
  4. All the Final Fantasy games and the graphics is best.
  5. Aside from GTA San Andreas and Vice City, Are there any releases?
  6. Underground! I'm currently in black list #15 and doing my way to be at the top.
  7. Too many people are addicted to one piece because he's funny and cool and most of all, he'll do everything just to be the pirate king.
  8. "Get over here". I usually say this to friends in high school with anger voice imitating scorpions. He's the best!
  9. I could say my favorate system is my PC for thousands of available high quality graphics games to play.
  10. I love ninjas so Naruto is great but considering the action in DBZ plus the excitement, it was great too. So both of them are equal for me.
  11. The first anime I've watched was Ghost Fighter when I was in high school. I like the story and the fighting, It was awesome!
  12. I watch 5 episodes before bed but I have a habit of trying to complete the full season first because I don't want to be delayed somewhere in the middle...
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