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  1. Kamikazi

    Favorite Eddie Murphy movie?

    Shrek all the wayyy! Anybody want waffless?
  2. Kamikazi

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Green Lantern. Pretty cool movie. Loved the plot and the special effects. However, there wasn't as much action in the climax as i wished.
  3. Kamikazi

    Terra Nova

    This is seriously one of my favorite series. I hope they don't cancel it, but the plot seems very intricate. Love it so far, can't wait for the season finale. Missed it tuesday.
  4. Kamikazi

    Metal/Rock Music Band Suggestions

    Anberlin, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for My Valentine, Ramstein
  5. Kamikazi

    Favorite Movie

    This is a tough one, but I Am Number Four was pretty epic and inspiring.
  6. Kamikazi

    Favorite Sport

    well, ping pong is in the Olympics... sooo.. yeah it's a sport. My personal fav is parkour & freerunning. Most freeing experience ever is doing a 2-step wall flip or superman flip off a deck
  7. yeah i'm going with Avatar as well. The 3D on that movie was out of this world. Close behind would be LoTR.
  8. Kamikazi

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    32gb zune hd all the way. Personally, i don't want apps. Media-wise Zune hd> itouch. If you want apps, then yeah go for an itouch
  9. Kamikazi

    Favorite Musicial Artist

    definitely Sonata Arctica and Nightwish close behind.
  10. Kamikazi

    What brand of T.V. do you have?

    40" dynex.... not bad i guess
  11. Kamikazi

    Guild Wars

    i'm kinda taking a long break, but i've beaten all three campaigns but not eotn yet. Working on it still .. assassins ftw! golden fox fangs.. but like i said i'm not really playing right now
  12. Kamikazi

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    supernatural ftw all the way. Next was Heros (but i hated how they dragged EVVERYTHINGG out so much), then Prison Break, then Crusoe (discontinued ..)
  13. Kamikazi

    How to Train your Dragon

    def one of the best animation movies that pixar (?) has put out in awhile. I loved the ending and the one fat guy with one leg... the voice actor for him was Gibbs in pirates of the carribean i think. Can't remember his actual name
  14. Kamikazi

    Internet Piracy

    same as drumroll in the sense that i almost never buy any anime except a select few at the alarming prices they've reached now. As for music..... i kinda feel bad about dling so much free music, but i only do that with people who have big names and make millions each year. Smaller and lesser known artists i try to buy... but sometimes i still dont
  15. Kamikazi

    If Dead is the end how does that make you feel ?

    death is definitely the end in this life and it passes by in a second compared to what heaven/hell will be like. I think it's a relief to know that no matter what happens in this world, it doesn't matter because the next one will be perfect (or like hell.. pun intended)