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  1. I'm Just looking for something to put in my collection and ive come to a dead end at the moment. So your thoughts and input would be great, thanks.
  2. took there sweet ass time. i think there was something like 40 or 50 of the manga before it got picked up. never the less i think its worthy of an anime.
  3. yea i got the english dubbed version from isohunt. trust me i know how bad live action movies can be i only got half way through avatar the last airbender and i was watching it at a mates house so it wasnt my download i was wasting thank god... that was bad. there is blood, no tits been a while since i watched it but i think theres no dog either they definetly made it less R rated than it should have been but at least the characters were asian like they were suppost to be unlike, dragonball. Gantz easily the best live action movie ive watched but thats not saying much. oh and i dunno if they gave it a PG-13 rating if so thats fucked. wait a minute death note was better than gantz and in my opinion the ending was better in the live action movie than the anime. i hated N.
  4. Gantz anime was sick but cut too short. i loved how kei wasnt affraid of dying but dying a virgin... classic haha. also i think we can agree that all anime has better character definition than the movies that get created after. The Gantz movie aint bad though it has all the stuff that it needs except kei see's himself as more of a superhero than a virgin trying to survive however i believe the next movie will go past the anime and into the manga which would be awesome to see kei and nishi try and take on the 100 point alien which is in the manga but not in the anime. p.s. Kato is a bitch!
  5. whats the deal with itachi and pain not fighting in the 3rd ninja war? what is Kabuto thinking with them they would kick ass!
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