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  1. Thanks for accepting my friend request. : ]

  2. Thanks for friending me :)

  3. do you watch much anime or only now n again cuz ur not that active with post n stuff or do you do what i do which is just download n watch but not post cuz posting if time consuming =P

  4. Trinity blood definitely. I can't bloody stand Trinity Blood. It is so horrible that I had to quit and throw it away, pretend like I'd never seen it before! D:
  5. I had no idea in the slightest that Kisuke's voice actor or even Kon's voice had been changed at all! I will miss the original Kisuke's voice but things change you know. I can't say that I'll miss Kon's voice though. It was so horribly annoying, I must say
  6. I absolutely adore Plants vs. Zombies. It amuses me greatly I must admit
  7. What I do is simply watch anime while I study. It's quite easy for me and sometimes I simply allocate some time out of my study schedule to watch some anime. Like, an episode or two. It really releases some stress and gets me back into the mood to study again without truly forcing myself.
  8. ninjas get me hot as well lolz cool name

  9. The fillers in Bleach are okay but sometimes I just want them to hurry the hell up! It's horrible, though, I'm scared to skip those episodes as I feel I might have missed something. It's horrible! Must watch filler episodes...
  10. 995,746 Copying a number from a forum game!
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