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  1. So much anime to catch up on!

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    2. Nintendon't


      Welcome to the club. I have like 15 series on my HD that I have to get to and like another 20-30 I want to download still :(

    3. Nintendon't


      Between work and life it's a real bitch to watch stuff these days, yet I can't stop downloading more stuff lol

    4. Kenzou


      same here I have about 130 plus 500 on my HDD so yeah life bites in the ass.

  2. vampire-queen


    lol thanks =) I have to say he is still my fave character from both series and in general. though there are some that come close, no one has been able to knock him down from his #1 spot xD
  3. vampire-queen


    Its been a while since I've logged in, not sure why I have to post an intro again but well, here it is. friends call me VQ, i love anime romances, comedies, and the such. like making friends, not sure what else to add, if anyone is curious, feel free to hit me up on my inbox.
  4. vampire-queen

    Encoding & Converting

    Thanks guys. =)
  5. vampire-queen

    Encoding & Converting

    So I'm looking for something that will turn my huge mkv files into minis. I tried using minicoder and it worked fine for like 3 files then it gave me an error message. Anyone know of a good alternate? and if at all possible throw in intrusions to use it. Thanks! all posts are appreciated =D
  6. Well, Happy Birthday. Spend it with pleasure

  7. vampire-queen

    MKV software help

    thanks! I'll try it out =D
  8. vampire-queen

    MKV software help

    Ok, so I went with the xvid4psp, and what I was looking for was just for a way to put subs on the parts of the anime where there is japanese writing or kanji or whatever you want to call it on paper, signs ect. I don't want the entire text for the whole episode, just the text for the written words in the anime. thanks again, every and all comments are appreciated =)
  9. vampire-queen

    MKV software help

    thanx! I'll try these out and get back to you =)
  10. vampire-queen

    MKV software help

    Ok, quick and painless post I've used Iskysoft for ALL of my conversion needs, and used Ultra DVD something or other to burn the file into a DVD, but when i do this, the subtitle for certain parts of the file are completely gone. i never really cared for subtitles because...i just didnt care. so what i'm looking for, is a software that will let me input the subtitles for my vid. **just in case you were wondering, i cant seem to enable the subtitle plug-in for iskysoft. that's why i'm looking for something else. thanks, any and all post will be a huge help and greatly appreciated.
  11. vampire-queen

    Media converter

    iskysoft is a good one.
  12. vampire-queen


    thanx for the warm welcoming words ^__^
  13. vampire-queen

    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

    Watching "Four Brothers" while listening to the song "Grillz" LOL
  14. vampire-queen

    Clash of the Titans

    Ok. I know it's kinda late, but I just have to ask. What did you think of the remake of "Clash of the Titans" Personally, I'm not that adverse to it, but in complete honesty, I like the original (yes, even if the monsters and what not look like moving play-doh dolls.) I think the only part of the remake I liked was Medusa. Other than that, I think the film left much to be desired, especially on Hades.
  15. vampire-queen

    Favorite Movie

    Disneys Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I know, but it's a classic =P