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  1. First battle, Kenpachi Vs Aizen & Final Ichigo[HD] z0Kn3kvInJM Second battle, Kenpachi Vs Ulquiorra & Hollow Ichigo[HD] uGWT5KrTI64
  2. This is a teaser and a transition video for my team moving into Forza 4 which comes out next month. ^^; MD6j_NYfkeE
  3. TB_InuYasha_X

    Bleach Soul Resurreccion

    I'm going to rate the game a 9 out of ten. .5 Points will be rewarded for more characters. And the other half of that .5 will be added for a perfect ten when they add versus / co - op / online play. ;D I love the physics of this game. ^^;
  4. TB_InuYasha_X

    Any Decent Left 4 Dead 2 Players?

    I play on the 360, sorry bro. :/
  5. TB_InuYasha_X

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Bleach Soul Resurrecion And I'm loving it Kenpachi Vs Aizen & Final Ichigo http://www.justin.tv/tb_inuyasha_x/b/291816690
  6. Thanks for the happy birthday fellas'. ;D

  7. TB_InuYasha_X

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    Age Of Empires, Age Of Empires: Rise Of Rome, Age Of Empires 2, Age Of Empires 2: Conquerors, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Gangland. o.o;
  8. Happy birthday man! Have a great one!

  9. Happy birthday dude! Have a good one! ^^

  10. All the videos I post up here will be all 2011+ videos. ^^; Battles TB InuYasha X Vs Sil Eighty Girl aLfoJnW1bQk Casual Battle - TB InuYasha X Vs SolKuro RPJVu10Hgjo TB InuYasha X Vs TakumiFuji01 xEXRmjZqhpg Time Attack Irohazaka Time Attack - Evo IV p1bHVvTaAbs Replay InuYasha's RX7 On Akagi Downhill fYkgTgEWexM
  11. TB_InuYasha_X

    Dreaming About Anime Characters

    I had a dream I was Zaraki Kenpachi once... I was a little upset when someone woke me up irl... x_X;
  12. TB_InuYasha_X

    What game(s) have you beaten multiple times?

    I don't really have that many games that I beat over and over again unless I enjoy them. Then again, some games are way too long. So, here is the list. Tenchu Z Need For Speed Underground 2 Forza Motorsport 3[Game save.. corruption... That's dedication to beat that game again.. lol] Metal Gear Solid 4 Resident Evil 5 Initial D Special Stage Initial D Arcade Stage 3 Initial D Extreme Stage Wangan Midnight Way Of The Samurai Way OF The Samurai 2 Way Of The Samurai 3 Saints Row 2 Sonic Adventure Dead Or Alive 4[Game Save Corruption] Dragon Age Origins Crysis
  13. TB_InuYasha_X

    Who can beat Goku?

    Goku set the tone for Broken and that's all that needs to be said. Sure, you have a few other characters that are going for that same style, but they have limits to what they can do. Sonic with those chaos emeralds. -cough, cough.- Edit 1: I wonder if there is a thread that lists every broken anime character.. I would like to say that Bunta from initial d is broken, M'kay.
  14. TB_InuYasha_X

    What Online Free Games do You Play?

    Just go here. http://www.gamersfirst.com/ ; My character is. Name: InuYashaX Server: Joker NA East Side: Criminal
  15. TB_InuYasha_X

    What Online Free Games do You Play?

    I just now started playing All Points Bulletin, looking for a crew to roll with. ^^;