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  1. ventus1991

    Anime recomendation

    space dandy is a ongoing must see aniime with comedy action basically all in one. yeah
  2. he is waste of a chaaracter or
  3. it's as untitled project but we can expect a new movie coming soon i hope this one woul be better bguys what do you think
  4. ventus1991

    Favorite Hero [Anime]

    which hero do you look up to guys
  5. wooah the trailer is sick i think it's a cgi episode coming sometime this year here is the link for tekken fans
  6. both of them look really hot i guess but i just cant figure out which from them is hotter any one help me guys?
  7. ventus1991


    hi how are you
  8. ventus1991


    hi this is ventus how are you all guys doing i am very happy to have found this forum you guys are very awsome thanks a lot for creating this forum friends