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  1. wow i know i been gone for a while since i started anew job but this place has really changed in the last year. where is every one

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    2. Koby


      We lost motivation for a while and just let things idle, but eventually we're work on trying to re-invigorate the place and implement the various ideas discussed in hopes of breathing a breath of fresh air into the community and attempt to refocus a bit more geared towards gaming as a whole, getting back to the roots that the community was founded on roughly 16 years ago.

    3. sniper23


      Kametsu wasn't that big before that download stuff. A lot of traffic came here because of the download section. But some core people also left when the download people were departing.

    4. Koby


      @sniper23 honestly that isn't accurate. Firstly you joined nearly 6 years after downloads were added, so you weren't actually around for what it was like prior.


      Kametsu was quite a bit more active BEFORE the downloads. But this could largely be in part to just how much bigger message boards were back then prior to things like social media and reddit.


      Back in 2007, we were getting 2-5 thousand new posts per day and every discussion thread was actively posted in. Once downloads were added, it took away from discussions and eventually discussion died out almost completely. In the prime time of the downloads existing, we averaged around 500 to 700 posts per day. A far cry from upwards of 5,000 peak per day wouldn't you say.


      Put it this way, the entire download section only amounted to roughly 25-30% of the forums entire post count. As evidenced by what the numbers dropped from (around 650,000) and landed on after those sections were deleted (495,000). So that in itself should speak volumes about how much more activity there once were in discussions in that the download section never even came close to catching up.


      Sure, we had more guests and one-time posters visiting because of the downloads, so our viewer count was higher.... but the actual activity of the board was ALWAYS lower since the addition of the downloads and continued to drop.


      This was why I felt removing the downloads wouldn't have had the impact it did. So yeah, I was wrong in that regard, and it hurt quite a lot to accept that fact. But I guess it's true that community forums as a whole are dying off entirely to begin with.


      Pretty much every discussion forum I've been a member in for years is having issues with participation in discussions dying out. Hell animebytes even has trouble with only 5-10 users actively discussing things on their forum... and yet their tracker itself is mostly thriving.

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