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  1. I currently own is the xbox 360, and i play it a ton. However, the ps1 and the ps2 were the first two consoles i owned, and i have to say, thinking back to the early days of the ps2, without a doubt my favorite console
  2. Man, the replay value on those older DBZ games was incredible for an action/fighting game. Will definitely be checking this game out though
  3. Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu edition. Man I loved that game
  4. I think its just a knee-jerk reaction. People who have been playing CoD since the CoD2 and Cod4 days (Not disregarding PC player, its just I dont know alot about PC gaming) feel that the series is moving in the wrong direction. Theres nothing inherently wrong with the game, it can just be tedious for some people who want the game to go back to it's roots. As for the MW2/Black Ops debate, I heard a good comparison once: "MW2 is like a hot model, who's an absolute derp, and Black Ops is like an Ugly Betty. Neither click on all levels."
  5. The God of War series is great, but I guess that could be seen as not strictly action/adventure. Kingdom Hearts, Dynasty Warriors, Assassins Creed series, GTA San Andreas, and the DBZ budokai/tenkaichi games to name a few
  6. As for if it will be on xbox 360 or not, I really think that will depend on how successful they thought FFXIII was and how successful FFXIII-2 will be. They do have a lot on their plate at the moment though...
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