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  1. Once again zx0 sees his corpse battered and bloodied strewn around the bottom of a cliff. He takes his time to make sure no body parts are missing, then reincarnates on a patch of wild flowers. "Ahh, this is nice," he thinks to himself. Just one thing I need to do before I can relax... get revenge upon my killer! zx0 climbs back up the cliff he just fell down to see Dae314 still standing there. zx0 marches up to Dae314 and smacks him right on the nose for 164 damage! Dae314 has 706 HP. zx0 gains 38 exp! (33+5)
  2. zx0 quickly grabs up all his candy which was scattered around and decides to eat a bit. He feels a little bit funny so decides to only eat one more, the one in the red and silver shiny wrapper. zx0 stuffs the candy into his mouth and shoots into the air! He comes flying down towards earth at a terrible speed. Luckily Aurion breaks his fall, but takes 163 damage in the process. The candy causes zx0 to increase to level 2! Aurion has 411 HP zx0 gains 30 exp.
  3. zx0 can't believe that poke hurt so much! It must have hit a nerve or something. Whirling around he sees Aurion looking pretty depressed. zx0 takes advantage of Aurion's mood and talks him into a bit of self harm. Aurion throws himself off a cliff, taking 163 damage! (miss=0%) Aurion has 574HP. zx0 gains 25exp (20+5) ----------------------------------------- Sorry you wasted your time before
  4. Seeing Dae314's amazing vine ability zx0 freaks out. He starts to flee, leaping over vines, ducking under vines, and pushing through vines. In his running away frenzy he has destroyed many vines, causing 35 damage to Dea314 (miss%=0). Dae314 has died. zx0 gains 43exp (38+5) --------------------------------------------------------- Dex was changed because I got a high score and now I have the lowest! LOL.
  5. Maybe you could link item purchase with your level, so as you level up items become more expensive. My base dex is 162, but I have a 5% increase to push it up to 170.
  6. EASILY?!?!? That took me 3 days of hard work to get that score. I really enjoyed the game, but it certainly was not easy! Once the fifth game opened up I was screwed. I really wanted to see if a sixth game would open, but never got there
  7. zx0 can hardly move. His legs are heavy, his arms are heavy, his head is heavy. Worst of all it feels like he just ate half a cliff. zx0 projectile vomits half a cliff onto Dae314 for 151 damage (miss%=0). zx0 feels much better with all that rock out of him. Dae314 has 285 HP. zx0 gains 25 exp. ------------------------------------------------- There is always something I forget in my posts. I think I have had to edit pretty much all of them :/
  8. I have noticed that since the changes the miss rates have been pretty much non existent. I know my dex score is much better than my speed score, maybe the formulas need tweaking. Anyone else had this experience?
  9. Rudely disturbed from his nap, zx0 struggles back up the cliff to see Dae314 in the place where zx0's hammock used to be. zx0 pops up behind Dae314 and smacks the pumpkin head as hard as he can. The pumpkin head jangles around on Dae314's shoulders reminiscent of someone with their head in a bell, causing blood to leak out from under the pumpkin head. Dae314 suffers 151 damage (miss% = 0). Dae314 has 436 HP zx0 gains 25exp
  10. Level – 1 Str - 151 = (134+0)*1.13 Int - 118 = (118+0)*1 Dex - 170 = (162+0)*1.05 Spd - 125 = (115+10)*1 Luk - 72 = (65+0)*1.11 Total - 636 HP - 736/992 = 963*1.03 Magic - 308 Hit - 376 Dodge - 286 Items - {active} [T1 Helm] Paper Plate Mask (+5% Dex) <6714ce88> {active} [Lgnd Wep] Halloween 2012 Candy Basket (+13% Str, +11% Luk, +3% Max HP, +5 EXP Per Atk) <1fa1ddb0> Exp - 45 > 67 zx0 pokes Hawkester in his un-patched eye, effectively blinding him for a few seconds. This gives zx0 a chance to erect a hammock between two trees and take a nap. Hawkester takes 151 damage (miss% = 0). Hawkester's HP is 104. zx0 gains 22 exp. ----------------------------------------- The only stat which was incorrect was the total, which I have fixed in this post. What is wrong with the magic, hit and dodge?
  11. zx0 can't believe that Aurion's accuracy with Hawkester was better than his own. zx0 sneaks up behind Aurion and kicks him in the back of the knee, causing Aurion to collapse and smash his head off a jagged rock which was conveniently placed there by zx0. Aurion sustains 151 damage in the attack. (miss % = 0) Aurion's HP is 98 zx0 gains 20exp. (15+5) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for reminding me about the exp
  12. The game has no end. You can see this by using the skip to level option, it just gets more and more complicated until the game crashes.
  13. zx0's spirit watches a replay of his final moments alive, seeing Hawkester attacking him from up the tree. zx0 floats up to the branch where Hawkester is perched and positions himself right behind him before reincarnating. Once zx0's body has fully materialised he takes his revenge, shoving Hawkester out of the tree where he hits the ground right beside Aurion for 151 damage (miss % = 0). Hawkester's final HP is 255. zx0 gains 19 exp. (14+5)
  14. I gave up on level 4, score 500 and something up to then. I will have another go later when I have time to be frustrated
  15. zx0 is busy running away when he trips over a candy basket full of Halloween goodies! He dusts himself off and starts stuffing his face. Meanwhile Aurion is also running away, coincidentally along the same route that zx0 took just moments before. zx0 sticks out his foot and trips Aurion, who is running pretty dmn fast in those slippers. Aurion flies head over heels and tumbles though the air, only to be suddenly stopped by the strong trunk of an Oak tree. Aurion slumps in a heap under the tree while acorns rain down from above. Total damage to Aurion is 151. (miss% = 0) Aurion has 249 HP zx0 gains 15 exp (10 + 5) -------------------------------------------- My exp is 14, I went shopping
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