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  1. rjdude

    One Piece

    I dont think he'll be joining, as others have said, the crew already has a swordsman
  2. I loved TLA, and Korra was good as well, but the season finale felt a bit rushed.
  3. rjdude


    I do hope that it comes back. But I understand that if it came back immediately, it would just as quickly have to slip into filler episodes, so maybe it should come back when the Manga's finished.
  4. Having watched the Bleach dub first, I have a tendency to lean towards calling them Soul Reapers.
  5. I think Rukia will achieve Bankai. Weak as she is now, she's become a less prominent character. With a powerup, she could come back to the spot light and justify herself being part of the main cast. And, personally, I like Rukia, so I'd enjoy seeing her in action and getting some development.
  6. The question doesn't specify that the movie would come out of Hollywood. Just that it would be given a large budget. I would say Live Action Ghost in the Shell, if that hasn't been done already.
  7. What is this real life you speak of? Haha.
  8. Dragon Ball. A wonderful classic. Up to GT. That was an enormous disappointment.
  9. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece. Shonen Jump's mind slave here.
  10. Hmm. The first Anime I ever watched would probably be Doraemon.
  11. rjdude

    Favorite Anime

    I'd have to say One Piece wins. Just the right amount of comedy and action. Delicious.
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